Arabic books or longer texts in lingq-able plain text?

I’ve been looking for this for a while - I’d love to be able to read novels on lingq, but so far, it’s been really difficult to find books in plain text that I can import.

With Arabic it’s really easy to find almost any book on the net, but they’re almost always scanned pdf’s where the text can’t be copied… If someone knows where I could find some good study material, I’d be happy to know about it!


If you get no luck here, and, if you haven’t done so already:

-get a copy of the books you want to read (pdf, library etc), type out the first sentence or two, and google the opening sentences

-hang out on Arabic language learning posts and subs at reddit and see what materials get mentioned, ask questions about resources, normally reddit runs book clubs in most languages with links to copy-able material

eg here –

-learn what the most common search terms in Arabic are for text, online books, txt, html files etc also for audio and text, audiobook etc – then google these terms extensively - along with the names of books you want to read

-hang out at italki in the “answers” and “discussions” sections, with filter set for Arabic, ask questions about books and resources etc

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This seems very promising! Thank you! I already found a book that seems really interesting on the reddit bookclub!
Thanks again!

On the Reddit book club I found these two:
“Memory in the flesh”: Reddit - Dive into anything

And “I Saw Ramallah” Reddit - Dive into anything

It also seems like this forum: القصة السورية - ذاكرة الجسد1 (رواية) لأحلام مستغانمي has several text-format books ready to import!

great choice i like these two books . have a good read :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m looking forward to it. I already got started with the first one. Do you have any other suggestions? :slight_smile:

actually i am a fan of this youtuber she recommend a 3 new books every time i have read some good books from her recommendation . here the link check it out :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but the link doesn’t seem to work?

sorry i don’t know why . here another one

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I am looking for the same thing, but then very simple and short texts. In order to practice reading. I am still a beginner, so would be looking for short texts which are used by children to learn to read.

If anyone can give me a like to those type of texts, that would be helpful!


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hi , here a great website for the kids to learn arabic and it’s very good for the beginners you can find the alphabets, numbers, and a very simple stories and it come with sound so you can be sure of your pronunciation :slight_smile:

and here my facebook page if you want any help and it’s easier to chat too :slight_smile:


Thank you, this is very useful for me.

Oh Arabic. I have such a love hate relationship with you. Why is everything about you so difficult? If only you were written with vowels, if only you weren’t written and spoken in 2 completely different ways. All these unnecessary hurdles essentially made me give up on Arabic. I hope to come back to you someday. I’m hoping lingosteve will take up arabic and lead me to good resources once he figures it out.

thomas_dc. I have serious respect for westerners who reach a high level of arabic. The few of you deserve a pat on the back.

Oh, just don’t give up and accept that it is just much longer to achieve some results. Enjoy the journey. There are loads of useful resources, just as a beginner they are difficult to find because you do not know the language well enough. Just start somewhere, ask questions, and progress slowly. This should not depend on Steve, I even find it useful now that there are two or three others here at LingQ, event though they have a much higher level than me.
Good luck,

Thank you- I wouldn’t say i have a high level though. 16000 words with all of the inflections really isn’t a lot. I think I might start to read a bit more fluently at 20000, but I haven’t got a specific goal in mind like that. Don’t give up on Arabic. It’s just a question on finding the right approach. Something I’ve done a lot is to study subtitle files (.srt’s) - you know, those you download when you watch movies on your computer. Look up the arabic subtitles for a film or a series that you know relatively well, and import it into lingq. Having a fresh memory of the plot and dialogue of the film in English will help you a lot in not getting Lost in the Arabic. Then just lingq away. Subtitles are only dialogue, which make them a little easier than novels and articles, and they’re a great way to boost your vocabulary without too much of a struggle.

Most of what I read in Arabic, I still don’t really understand, however, I’m confident that it’ll get better if I just keep at it !