Arabic alphabet and stroke order

Does anybody know of any good resources (preferably websites) to learn how to read and write Arabic? I went on a few and was progressing rapidly in them but reached a standstill when I couldn’t make out how to draw some of them. The characters were written with, I think, a thick calligraphy pen and so it was difficult to see where to start and where to end. For that reason, does anybody know any resources to be able to see how the characters are written as well?


go to iTunes Store.
-Arabic Alphabet
-Arabic for Beginner (Dalarna university)

= Gratis Video

here you can find a lot!

I hope it helps!

I hope this link will be right!? Sorry!

Thank you! It’s a big help!

this is what you want :slight_smile:

Thanks dooo! I should be able to finish learning te Arabic alphabet now. Good luck with your Arabic journey as well!

@jolanda: what a marvellous find for beginners! I shall listen to all the Chinese phrases!

for your Chinese
:Chinese Language Blog | Chinese Language Blog

and a lot more!!!

Danke Jolande! I have subscribed to the Chinese, Russian and Japanese feeds.


Das freut mich!!

Visit this site:
I hope is useful for you :slight_smile: