Arabic - 4.0

I know that arabic support is in beta phase but it would be good to correct the text display in 4.0 mode. In new reader arabic is displayed from left to right. The old reader is fine.

And I found a problem with text-to-play option for Arabic language in chrome (I think it is supported as the most popular browser). It does not work.

The last thing - is there any option to display hints (community translations) not only in my chosen language? I create my hints in Polish, but I also know English and Spanish so it would be very helpful to see translations in these languages also.


In the classic version of Lingq hints in other languages are available!

Great question!

It’d be nice if you could do something about this left to right arabic reader.


Arabic is in need of a whole lot of work. There is very little content and written arabic text that isn’t fusha is hard to come by online. I also wish they had a “add vowel” feature just like they have the option to show the pinyin roman alphabet above chinese characters.

Use Learning With Texts, it works fine.

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A lot of people that can speak English will use it for their dictionary language. You could do this, then type in your own translation in Polish. I’m learning Dutch, and I see a lot of what I believe are Swedish translations that people have entered in for themselves.

You can change your dictionary language on your profile.

Learning with Texts still has the F-35 problem in Hebrew, but at least it’s justified properly. What dictionary(ies) are you using for Arabic?

What is the F-35 problem?
I use Google Translate, the few other ones I tried are slow or seem to have a limited vocabulary database.Do you know good ones?

Most Hebrew publishers don’t transliterate the F, and F-35 appearing in the middle of a Hebrew sentence seems to interfere with both Lingq and Learning’s ability to keep the correct word order for that sentence. The software that is used by the major Hebrew online news publishers seems to handle the injection of a few latin characters with ‘arabic’ numbers, just fine.