Apps similar to Pleco

I have recently been using the Pleco web reader for reading mandarin content since it has multiple built in dictionaries, a live adjustable (for speed) text to speech reader, and allows to tap on any words to bring up the definition, characters and pronunciation. All that has to be done is to copy-paste any select websites url and the app will bring the website up without altering the format. This app’s particular function is similar to computers which have (highlight and click for meaning) quick reference dictionaries, and text to speech readers but unfortunately are not integrated like the app. The app has a caption bubble of the select dictionary and its given meanings for the selected word, and if used with the text to speech live read, will provide the meaning on the go, word by word. The dictionary definition option can be toggled off for a normal text to speech usage. I use the built-in dictionary with bullet point, approximate meanings for simplicity and convenience. I then use lingq to review over what I have learned to track my progress. Pleco is a bit more streamlined in regards to convenience, it does more or less all the work and I just sit down and have things read to me as I piece things together. I was wondering if anyone knows if this integrated function is specific to only Pleco and if there are any apps which provide said function or if this feature is present in computers? (I have a MacBook). I am looking for this since Pleco does not currently intend on branching out to other languages.

Try Wenlin’s products or websites like Yellow Bridge or MDBG. For browser plug-ins try Perapera or New Tong Wen.
The traditional C/C dictionary available on macOS, is not bad but it has odd gaps, e.g.
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