Hi! I have a question about my avatar. Why does apple is silver now? I know that it’s not very important. Maybe it’s unimportant at all but this apple really exists and this is little bit interesting I think.

It’s not important?!?! The avatar is the main part of the website!

Actually I didn’t say about unimportance of avatar.
I just made my message more attractive for discussion and answer.
So what does apple mean?

@Mr Daniel - The apple is your activity apple and its status changes based on your activity in the last thirty days. For more information check the avatar help page Avatar Help.

@ Mark

I had no idea. Why an apple?

Why not an apple…? :slight_smile: There is no particular significance to the apple. It is just the symbol we decided on. It has a nice ring to it - “activity apple” and it allows us to have different states depending on activity level.

Stupid suggestion that would mean everything to me; and probably nothing to most everyone else:

The fruit should change by language. As in an apple for English (Newton was English, after all) a lychee for Chinese, a pear for French, a pineapple for Spanish, etcetera. Hebrew and Arabic can have Falafels.

I guess a bratwurst isn’t fruit.

Perhaps Lingq advertises the Ipod.

I don’t think “Bratwurst” or "Weißwurst) is a good idea, as a green sausage doesn’t really whet my appetite…

My apples tend to be in various stages of decay, but I do love to see a nice red or even gold one on other people’s walls. It makes me feel good being in the company of such motivated learners! It is a sort of vicarious learning…

We’ll keep those suggestions in mind… :wink:

Thank’s for feedback! Now I understand situation :slight_smile: