I am trying to download the podcasts that go with the lessons. I keep running into technical difficulties. Your app that pops up is an MS format.

Do I need a different download app for my Macs?

I have gotten one download, and then the rest just sit there.


You mean you’re trying to download the audio? I’m able to do that just fine on Linux. There’s nothing Microsoft specific about that at all.

Perhaps… hmmm… :expressionless:

It will work, then it stops. Once it stops downloading, the page links to ilivid for download management. Ilivid is windows only.

Maybe I will install opera, or firefox?

Now I have a total of 4 mp3 files downloaded on 2 macs.

Very frustrating. I wish I knew what I was connecting to server side, I might be able to program around it.

I don’t know what Ilivid is but our audio files are certainly not Microsoft specific. They are just mp3 files. It may be a setting on your browser which is trying to play the files using that program. I have a Mac and the audio files play just fine for me in Chrome, FF or Safari.

Hi elguero,

What it sounds like you’ll need to do is the following:
Open up Finder, then right click on an .mp3 file and select “Get Info”. From here, there’s a section called “Open with:”. Click on the dropdown list and select “iTunes”, then click “Change All…” and select “Continue”. Now all of your mp3 files will automatically open with iTunes. You can follow the same process if you would like to open them with VLC, Audacity or another app as well.

I should also mention that you may want to uninstall iLivid. You can do this by finding it in your Applications folder then dragging it to the trash. That should hopefully clean up any remaining issues with iLivid.