Apple Will Launch Two iPhones This Year

Apple Will Launch Two iPhones This Year

Lately I’ve lost interest in so-called smartphones. I am now using a not-so-smart cell phone with i-mode. I am not going to purchase any more iPhones, so they should produce one less iPhone. The battery of my cell phone lasts several days. This is the most important feature of mobile phones. Of course, an iPad, not an iPhone, is still my favorite gadget. I carry it wherever I go in order to post comments to the LingQ forum.

I bought the Iphone 5C a year ago, and I’m not regretting the purchase. With the case that I have for it, the battery lasts about 2 days of normal use without charging. I just plug it in every night before I go to bed and i’ve never had any problems.

I work the mornings before classes as a janitor, so I use my Iphone to listen to podcasts as I work. It’s an easy way of geting 3-4 hours of French input each morning. I have been using the ilingq app in downtime between classes and meetings, and now my studies seem pretty effecient.

I’ll most likely get the more expensive of the 6th Gen Iphones next year when my contract is up.


Just after the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, I bought a nearly unused iP 5 for a price much lower than the price of a new iP 5C. So I saved nearly 300 €. The iPhone is expensive but worth the money. Compared to Android you’ll get many updates and you have a 100% backup solution. Android phones get only one update or none, and backup is only partial, you must buy software and root the phone.


i got my 5C for 99 USD with a two year contract. In any case, I think I might prefer the European SIM card system…

I used an iPhone 4s for two years. With no SIM card inserted, it’s now like an iPod touch.

I am another 5C user and I love it. At the time I got it (Dec 2013), 5S was about 5 times the price of a 5C ($250CAD vs $50). The extra cost was not justified only for the fingerprint and faster processor.

Apple has since admitted that the 5C line was a mistake. What a shame! Yeah right, we the consumers all got a good bargain, so it must be a mistake for the company.

Carrying a $50 device also gives me a liberate feeling as compared to carrying a $250 device.

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