Apparently and obviously

I’ve learned the two adverbs as above and found them similar. Are they synonyms? I can’t tell the difference between them.

There are some examples below:

  1. I wasn’t there, but apparently it went well.
  2. Apparently the company is losing a lot of money.
  3. I thought they were married but apparently not.

Is it okay to use obviously instead of apparently and remain the same meaning here?

Thank you!!!

Apparently means that it “appears” to be something. It may or may not be something, but to the speaker’s eye, it is something.

Obviously means that given something that the speaker has learned or just realized, it actually is something and that if they had known what was clear to someone (or not clear to someone) that they (or someone) would have known that it actually is something. It wasn’t obvious before, but now that I (or you or Joe etc) know “X”, it is obvious.

  1. Apparently it went well, but we’ll have to wait until the reviews come in to be sure.

  2. Apparently the company is losing a lot of money, but appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps there’s a good explanation.

  3. I thought they were married but apparently, from the way she reacted to him, apparently not.

  4. I wasn’t there, but obviously it went well because the reviews said so.

  5. Obviously the company is losing a lot of money because the stock price just fell through the floor.

  6. I thought they were married but obviously not because they’re dating other people.

However English is slippery and between irony and sarcasm, they could be used incorrectly very easily.

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“Obviously” generally means significantly more confidence.

Apparently: There is some indication, enough that I’m now aware.
Obviously: There is no doubt. Everyone should already be aware.

For your example:
Apparently it went well = I haven’t heard anything to suggest it didn’t, so I guess it did.
Obviously it went well = People are celebrating in the streets. There’s no doubt.