App versus Website Functionality - Reviewing LingQs

From the website, when viewing a lesson, a useful feature is being able to click the yellow button “Review LingQs (##)”, followed by the yellow button “View all LingQs”, followed by either the “Print” or “Manage” buttons to view the complete list of LingQs associated with that lesson. I much prefer this as a means of quickly scanning the LingQs rather than having to go through flashcards one by one.

However, from the app, when viewing a lesson, whilst there is the yellow button “LingQs: (##)”, followed by the yellow button “All LingQs”, in contrast to the website this simply brings up a blank box with a column on the right side containing the first letter of the LingQs in that lesson, i.e. not very useful at all.

Am I missing something or is it the case that currently the app does not have this particular functionality which is exhibited by the website?

Many Thanks

Hi Salica,
Just to confirm first, are you using iOS app?

Hi Zoran,
Yes, I am using the iOS app.

Thanks. I’ll ask our iOS developers to look into that and will let you know when I hear back.