App Translation Question

I want to be able to language stack, so my native language is set to Portuguese, the interface is set to Portuguese, the dictionary is set to Portuguese, however the app it still trying to translate everything from Catalan into English instead of into Portuguese, how do I change this so it translates lessons from Catalan into Portuguese and not from Catalan into English? It seems to work on the desktop version of LingQ because it has the “saved meaning” drop-down option where I’m able to change the language, but I can’t seem to achieve the same using the app.

Can you please give it another try now? I have just manually set Portuguese as your dictionary language.

I closed the app and relaunched it but it’s still appearing in English. I’m trying to add a photo but the Community Forum still doesn’t work on my mobile device.

Okay, here in the photo, I’m currently in the Catalan language slot and where it gives the dictionary definition of “works” and “he works”, I want it to be in Portuguese, not in English.

Can you look under app’s menu and let me know what is the username on the account you are logged in in the app?


Can you please try to logout/login back your account and let me know if that helps?