App or program to scan pages to convert into text?

Hello everyone,

  1. Is there a app out there that allows me to scan pages from a magazine that I can convert into text so I can import it into LingQ?

I am using iOS but I also have spare Android device laying around.

  1. A computer program that does the same for pictures is fine, too.



i use finescanner for ios, i love it. i use my phone to take a pic of a page, it automatically crops and takes the pic when in focus, then i just turn the page and repeat, so after 10-20 pages etc…i then can ocr in the app and send it to my email, copy and paste into lingq

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Hi, prophet! I can’t find “finescanner” in the appstore. What is the exact name of the app that you refer to?

Hi, I use the google translate app for this. In Greek, it produces decent results. Every now and then, it misinterprets single Greek characters as Latin characters in the middle of otherwise correctly recognised Greek words, but I am okay with that because these errors are easily filtered out using a spell check.
You can also dictate to this app, a feature I use every now and then for output training.

I made a video about this - Importing Textbooks into LingQ - YouTube


Oh wow thank you!!!
I’ll try this out, my main focus is mostly on Korean and so far the other apps/programs have been giving me issues… thank you <3

omg it works perfectly thank you <3 <3!!!

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Wow, I’ve had google translate on iPhone for sometime, didn’t’ realize that it did that! not only can I capture text to upload to lingq, but it gives instant translations of text that’s in the camera field. Very useful–thanks for the tip!!

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Sharex’s OCR is the most reliable I’ve seen personally. Totally free and extremely versatile software to boot.

there are other options as well. evernote scannable, i do believe u can use as a “copy and past” engine :slight_smile:
google translate and yandex also have text recognition, i think u can combine all recognitions under same note with “share” button. I havent tried this one (it is just a guess)

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