App not saving words read/LingQ created or minutes listened to

For the last few weeks, my app doesnt recognize any LingQs I’ve created or words read or minutes listened to. If I add the minutes manually they disappear as so as I go to another lesson. It also doesn’t save where I am in my lesson, so I’m having to repeat the lesson Multiple times.
I’ve updated the app, is there anything else I could do to fix this?

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Sorry to hear that! Strange that you have so many issues. Can you please try to re-install the app and let me know if that helps?

You mean delete it an reinstall? Or something else?

Yes, please delete it and install it again. Let me know if that helps.

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Me too. I have to open LingQ on my browser for the lessons to count.

Can you please try to reinstall the app too and let me know if that helps?

That seems to have worked! Thank you!

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