App keeps translating from Portuguese to Arabic instead of English

The only dictionary on my app is in English and the interface language is also in English, but for some reason, it keeps translating everything from Portuguese into Arabic, whereas I want the English translation. How do I change this so that it’s only in English?

Strange, I see that you have English set as your dictionary language. Do you still have the same problem? Are you sure that you are logged into correct account on the app with correct dictionary settings?
Also, are you using Android or iOS app?

Yes, I’m still having the same problem which slows down the entire process because every time I want to translate a word, I have to scroll across past the Arabic dictionaries which shouldn’t be there, in order to use the English dictionaries. I only have one account which is the premium one that I access using my Gmail account. I’m currently using the Android version of the app and the problem doesn’t seem to exist on the desktop version.