App keeps freezing and crashing

On my Android, I keep trying to make playlists and delete them and the app ends up freezing for a couple minutes before I can even do anything.

I can’t delete playlists either; every time I do so, they’re still there. Now when I do try to delete them, the app freezes up.

My android app hasn’t updated since the end of july

Sorry to hear that! Let me look into it. In the meantime, have you tried out the new beta LingQ app?

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Hi Dimethy,
That’s strange, I can’t reproduce that issue, everything works perfectly fine for me. I am able to create/delete playlists without problem and the app hasn’t freezed at all. Can you please try to reinstall the app and check if that helps? Thanks.

My Android app again asks me to upgrade to Premium. I have forgotten how to access the beta app. I don’t seem to have it installed.

I signed out and signed in again. This resolved the problem.

Are you unable to create LingQs on the app? Are you sure that you are logged into correct account?
You can email us on support(at) with your gmail address so that we can check if you are added into Beta testers list and we will provide you Beta app installation link.

I have now emailed LingQ support. Hopefully this can be fixed.