App issue: Added translation not fully visible

Hi LingQ Support team,

I just wanted to let you know that I found an issue in the app.
I have a text for my students and I added translated text to the lesson as well. But when I was checking how it looks in the app I noticed that the last several words from the translation is not visible.
I also found it strange that all formatting that I create on my computer is not reflected in the app: no spaces between paragraphs, no bold words, no title. It’s not comfortable to read such text at all.
Do you know about this issue and if yes, when will it be fixed?

Thank you very much,

I know you asked to join the beta, are these mentioned issues related to beta or production version?

To current version. I requested beta to check if this issue will be there as well. And to check if beta version suit my needs more.

Please check if you still have the same problem on the beta and let me know. Regarding the production version, take a screenshot of that and send it to support(at) Thanks!