App feed back

i cant find where to sent this to lingq directly so here was the only way i could think off.

just some things i noticed that would make the app and web site alot better.

  1. maybe only for german not sure, but in german some times words are spilt and it would be nice if i could click on the two parts of the word and make that a lingq. without the entire sentance because i dont really need the whole thing most of the time just that one split word.

  2. to let people add there own voice recording to the flashcards, because the robot is sofar off sometimes it is just pointless having on. or have some way to make the aduio from the course in to the flash cards would be so much nicer hearing a real voice and not some robot.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
Regarding the split verbs in German, we don’t have a way for you to save these properly. However, as long as you are aware of them, you should be fine. You can add a tag for “split verb” to help you identify these when you save the parts. You can sometimes capture both parts of the verb if you select them in a phrase (if the phrase isn’t too long). You can add notes to help you remember. Keeping in mind that the majority of German words are not of this type.

Thank you for such a valuable information. I was looking for a long time detailed explanation. Really appreciate your reply!

on which part where you wanting more detail on?