App doesn’t list words “available for review” properly

Hi there! It looks like I have a problem with the vocabulary review fuction concerning the app. The app only lists 25 elements in my vocabulary and 25 elements up for review and it has listed those same vocab elements for days. And I do indeed keep getting those very same words and phrases for review.

The app clearly is not “seeing” a lot of vocabulary it should be showing me, as I do keep adding new vocabulary and there are lots from the past. (The website by way of contrast, shows me having 800-900 words being learned and about 160 up for review, which I believe is accuarate).

The app vocab list is adjusted to show all words from level 1 through to 4, so that is not the issue.

I would give up on the app and switch to the website to do my review except that the sound isn’t working in the website.

Are you referring to Daily LingQs you get for review each day? Or do you just start the review manually from the Vocabulary tab? Did you check if you have any filters enabled maybe? Also, can you please remind me are you using iOS or Android app?