App Deficiencies


For a long time now (and yes I have the latest download), maybe around 6 months or longer, the app is very fussy about whether it is on or off line. Often I’m right next to a router (mine), everything else is fine, streaming, whatever, but LinqQ thinks it’s not online.

The problem is that anytime it thinks it’s not on-line, the app requests a user name and password. The problem is when I’m actually offline, want to be in offline mode, to access my stuff offline – really the whole point of having the app (for me) in the first place – the app will get confused and then ask for the logon information again. The problem is that I can’t log on, because I’m off line, say an airplane or something. Then the app just is stuck – you can’t access it either online OR offline.


Still waiting for a response on this. Many other websites – including competing language websites – work fine in offline mode without requiring re-logging. News in Slow French/Slow Spanish for example. There are others.

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Hello there,

We are aware that this is very frustrating and would like to hear more details on the issues you are experiencing, so we can tackle and fix them ASAP.

Please get in touch with Support at and let us know what issues exactly you are experiencing, what mobile platform and device you are using, which LingQ app version and OS version are on your device, and if these issues happen across the board or in certain languages or during certain actions specifically.

Our support team will make sure that the respective developers will get your detailed feedback so they can hopefully target the issues and fix them for you and our other app users as soon as possible.

We appreciate your feedback and hope the app experience will be up to your and our standards again very soon!

Thank you,

There have already been a lot of reports on the forum, detailing app version, iOS version and often more.

I did the deinstall-reinstall thing without success other than that the app now crashes on start-up which is obviously long before we even get to any language etc. This post, too, was then ignored (Iphone App Crashes On Opening - Language Forum @ LingQ). It was posted on the support forum at - where else are we supposed to report this now?

At any rate this problem was one half of what prompted me to downgrade. I won’t pay for features I can’t use when I need them. The other half of the reason is a simple case of too little time which then gets spend trying to sort out technical glitches.