App crashes when adding second translation for a Lingq

I’ve just observed a new bug with the (latest?) iOS app version (v5.2.5 (3)). I happened three times within a short time range, twice randomly while studying, then once one purpose to better identify it. The app crashes while editing a new lingq. To be more precise, the app crashes when, in addition to the first translation that I’ve already included (hitting +), I’m a few seconds later adding another suggested translation (hitting + again). Three times, I’ve seen the app crashing exactly then. The app does NOT crash when I’m adding a second translation via a dictionary lookup instead of “+ from the list of suggestions”.

I hope my description was clear enough to reproduce the bug.


I have exactly the same problem, the app crashes on my ipad whenever I try to lingq a new word. This has never happened before and it is seriously annoying because it’s basically impossible to use the app without being able to lingq. Hope they can fix it soon.

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Thanks everyone, we will look into the issue.

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Yup - having this issue with an iOS device too! back to lingq on the laptop for now!

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it was crashing for me too. basically like 5 times during a lesson, when I clicked a Lingq. I upgraded my iOS and it seemed to fix it. Annoying nonetheless

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I updated my iOS as well and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the tip!

As some suggested here, I’ve just updated my iOS to 15.7.3 and can confirm that this seemed to fix the crash upon adding a second translation from the +list.BUTthere’s_a_new_one:crash_upon_adding_multi_word_lingq…(sample_size=1)