[app bug?] Loop playing in playlist not working on app

Is it just me or the loop playing feature in playlist doesn’t work on the app, iphone or ipad.

No matter how many times I‘ve repeated clicking the loop button, it just doesn’t work as expected. I would always be taken to the next item after the previous one is played. I even tried deleting my app and redownloading it, but it doesn’t work either.

Please share with me what I can do. It’s such a big trouble as I cannot keep listening to the same material.

Loop option is there to repeat the whole playlist not single tracks. We’ll see if we can make some improvements there.

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Ah, I see. It would be really nice if you could allow for loop playing of a single track.

Currently, if I want to listen to a single track from the playlist, I need to open the lesson from playlist. That‘s fine, but it’s difficult to switch to other tracks that way, since I need to exit current lesson, go back to playlist, switch to next one, and then open that lesson again in order to loop play that track.

Thanks for your great work!

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