App and website synchronised?

I use both the app on my Android as well as the website for Mandarin imported text.
2 problems:

  1. My Known Words on the app are not added to the total on the website. On the website, each known word instantly updates to the total. New known words on the app don’t add to the website total.
  2. On the app itself, the total of new known words has stopped at 1413 no matter how many new known words I create on the app.
    So my total of known words must be grossly understated. Please can someone explain what is happening.

That’s strange, all your date and progress should be synchronized. Are you sure that you are logged into the same account on both versions?

Thank you Zoran - yes, I use the same account on both but, anyway, the problem is now resolved - I deleted the app and then reloaded and logged in again. Now they are synchronised:)

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Great, glad to hear it! :slight_smile: