Aplication for Windows phone

Hello, I see what are iLingq aplication for Android and iPhone. What do you think about Windows phone?

@editadita - At this time we don’t have any immediate plans to develop an app for Windows Phone. For now we are focused on improving our iPhone and Android apps further :slight_smile:

I had LingQ in my andoid, I changed my phone and now I can’t use lingq because there is no APP to windows phone. ='(

I would love a windows phone app too.

I give my thumbs up for a windows phone app :smiley:

No doubt, the Android platform is the leader of race. For about 25 years I use Microsoft’s products for PCs, but Windows mobile is not a high tech operational system…
Nevertheless, a LingQ application for Windows phones is welcome.

I had given Android a try, but I was coming back to Windows phone. And I’m looking forward for Windows Phone 10 :wink: