Anyway I can remove the LingQ goal at the top of my screen?

Whenever I’m doing lessons I find myself focusing now only on the daily LIngQ goal of 400, when I hit it, my brain says “Oh, so we’re done for today?” and then I don’t start again until the next day. So I’m wondering if there’s anyway to hide my daily goal? Or to increase it above 400 so I do more work?

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As far as I know, the streak goals can’t be deleted.
It’s through that they could become a distractions. But I suppose that this happens in the presence of no planning. It’s mentally tricky, especially for the ones where those “gamifications” have a certain effect.

I still have to create my new target language plan I have for this year, so I don’t anything concrete to share.

However, I think planning could be an effective strategy, to focus at your daily plan where you fit LingQ inside your plan, and don’t allow the app to override your thinking strategy.

One thing you could consider is to create a time based plan. For example, using the pomodoro technique. You decide what to do, and focus on how many pomodoros you do in a day, regardless of what app and overall strategy you are using.
You can have a dedicated timer on your devices, and focus on their statistics rather than LingQ streak numbers.

You can also, eventually, decide to always go 2X. Your minimum will become 800.

Hope it helps.


You could also make your daily goal so low it is irrelevant, and see if that helps.

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True, I might try this. The minute it becomes meaningless the less I’ll pay attention to it. Thank you.


In all honesty, you have confused me a little with this reply. I have planning for LingQ, and I’ve not mentioned gamification anywhere. The pomodoro technique is 25-30 minutes and to me it just interrupts the flow of things. The problem is I’ve been stopping at 400, so I wouldn’t be able to make it to 800. However, as HeatherJean recommended, if I make my goal low, it won’t even matter. and I’ll be encouraged to continue at my own pace.


Sure, you can have it at 50. I have it at the minimum as well. If you only use LingQ, you can go at your pace by doing daily 10x. That would give you 500.

A good technique would use a time reference. For example, you decide 1h daily, or 2h daily. With the digital pomodoro timers, you can set your range the way you want to. You set your time at 2 hours, and use that as reference, not the “coins” of LingQ anymore.

I agree that the flow is important, and I don’t think comfortable with breaking the flow every 25’. But that time is only a theory. You can use the range you want to for your “pomodoro”. The idea is to shift your mind from “coins” to effective time used for learning the language. Regardless of the tool you use. As far as you do mental effort when you engage with it.

Those are just ideas, pick the ones you like the most.
Good luck. :+1: