Anyone who wants new Korean contents?

Hello, everyone. :slight_smile: I’ve been a member of LingQ for quite some time now, and I turned myself into a paid member only a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been very much enjoying LingQ-ing with my English/Japanese/Spanish so far.

I appreciate all the contents created by members from all over the world, and I’d like to make a contribution on my native language, which is Korean. I figured Korean is the newest language in LingQ and the number of Korean libraries is limited compared to other languages.

Here is a question for you, dear Korean learning LingQers. What would you like to read, listen and learn? I’m not promising anything here, but I want to help you out as much as I can. :smiley:

Hi youngbinlee,

Thanks for your offer.

I would appreciate if you could add some more beginner content. Perhaps some Korean children’s stories.


I’d be really interested in hearing some tech-related recordings. I’m subscribed to a tech-related podcast (, but I often find that they speak too quickly (especially the chubby guy).

If you could manage this, I’d be extremely grateful :smiley:

Actually, looking at your blog, the stuff you write on there would be perfect! :slight_smile: Would you mind recording some of your recent blog posts?