Anyone use bit torrents to get material?

Does anyone understand these torrent things? I have joined a because it seems to be a great source of audio books. Only trouble is, I don’t understand the first thing about torrents and there are a lot of rules, all written in rather formal Russian :frowning: I have managed to translate that if I do anything naughty they will be very cross with me, but I have no idea what is naughty and what is good where torrents are concerned.

If these torrent things are good, are there other sites which are good sources of material, maybe in English, French or German?

You should be aware that most of the material on torrent sites might be illegal to download due to various international copyright laws. People in some countries have been arrested for downloading or uploading such materials. You should also be warned that some files may contain viruses. If they do…people will usually comment, but if you can’t read the comments…you can’t tell if there is a virus…and sometimes…you aren’t forewarned.

Having said that…there are also many legal downloads available on torrent sites, just recognized that you are surfing the underbelly of the internet.

You need Utorrent or another similar bittorrent program in order to download torrents.

Two popular English sites are and

Most torrent sites require that you share a 1:1 ratio…sometimes higher. A 2:1 ratio is preferred (meaning if you download a 1gig file share 2 gigs). Torrents depend on people keeping the file open after downloading, and people don’t like downloaders that cut and run. If it is a private tracker, or site…you may be banned for not keeping a good ratio.

While many sights (like piratebay and mininova) could care less about downloading and uploading coprighted content: movies, books, software, or in some cases even hardcore pornography, They will draw the line at people uploading and downloading child pornography and most sites will ban you for that.

THAT is what they consider “naughty”:

Good luck!

So basically…“be afraid, be very afraid!” That’s pretty much what I suspected!

Thanks Shon_t!

You should know only one rule - seed, your ratio should be > or =0.30