Anyone try Coffee Break French?

Has anyone used Coffee Break French? Any thoughts?

Was wondering if Coffee Break French was worth the cost?

I think it’s free, unless you want some extra content. It’s basically a traditional audio course with all the pros and cons of the method. Nicely done in my opinion, very accessible.

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Thank you. I noticed the free version is very limited, sort of a trial basis.

You’ve got all the episodes on google podcasts and that’s a lot of content (look for it through google not their site). But I suppose the advantage of buying it out is that you’d get transcripts that you could then import to LingQ

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Seems like you are at ease now with LingQ going by your reading statistics. How are you approaching your reading in French? What sources are you reading?


I just took a quick look and didn’t see that, but I have a TON of French learning materials that I have yet to use. I can probably send to you somehow if you are looking for something specific.

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I enjoy the news articles, like RFI.

I tried it a year ago. It was too basic at that point, but also found it a bit lacking in general. You can try a couple of episodes - it certainly won’t do any harm; it’s free.

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