Anyone seen my Daily LingQs?


a week ago I deactivated the notifications for the Daily LingQs because I was away for a long weekend and didn’t want to be “hit” by them coming back.
Yesterday morning I remembered to reactive the notifications.

But there are no more Daily LingQs. On the vocab page they end with the 7th October :frowning: Anyone seen where today’s went to?!???

Hi Deahna,
Did you received Daily LingQs email today? Are you sure that you’ve reactivated both “Send Email” and “Send Notification”?

Hi Zoran,

no there’s nothing there today either. I’m at work and using a computer I haven’t used for LingQ before so it’s not a question of something stuck in the cache.

To clarify: No I did not reactivate email but it wasn’t activated before either. I did reactivate notifications as you can see … why can’t I attach a screenshot here?! I’ve attached it to the opening post now. This is the configuration that worked before 8th October. There are also still no new Daily LingQs on the vocab page. I could live without any notifications if the Daily LingQs were generated and I could select them from the SRS-list.

My last daily lingQ’s were 14 Oct 2015 in the SRS under vocabulary tab. Bob

I have not received my Daily LingQs for the last two days either. I had a problem last week with them but have been receiving them regularly otherwise. I can go onto my vocabulary page, but I can only get them in alphabetic order (boring) and the “lingqs up for review box” ends on October 14, the last day I received by email.

Hi there,

haven’t recieved mine for the last two days either?

Here, too. My last LOTD is 14-October-2015.

LOTD notification (website notification not Email) hasn’t worked for me since April.

Hi Everyone, we’re looking into this. Thanks for letting us know!

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Sorry Deahna, we will fix this. Thanks for your patience!

My LingQs showed up for 15 Oct 2015, but none for today 16 Oct 2015. I am in EST USA…for point of reference. Bob

For some reason the LingQs for the 15th and 15th only turned up overnight (it’s just past 9 am, Saturday here). The notification is there, too, stating it was sent 2 days and 7 hours ago. May be but it certainly wasn’t visible yesterday.

No LingQs as of today 18 Oct 2015…last day any LingQs posted was 15v Oct 2015.

Sorry Bstodnick, we are working to fix this bug asap. Thanks for your patience!

I am now showing LingQ’s for 19, 18, 17, and 16 October in SRS…looks like we are back on track…I will update if I have any problems. Thanks!..Bob

One correction…I am still missing 17 Oct 2015 in SRS…but if that is lost for some reason I am OK…as long as I get LingQ’s for 20 October and in the future…Bob

Sorry one more update…it looks like 16 and 17 October have been lost…and I am fine with that…do not waste time trying to recover those two days…if you do that is fine…but if not…again I am OK with it as long as we are moving forward…thanks again for a great site…Take care and sorry about the confusion on my part…Bob

Same here, my Daily LingQs for the 18th and 19th are now available. That’s great, don’t bother about the older ones.

What’s not so great is this:
“Error 502 Ray ID: 237e109873232d5f • 2015-10-19 17:04:55 UTC”
This happened when I had finished the 18th in Flashcard mode. 30 or 31 of them are now Known LingQs but they weren’t added to the total number which still stands at 1784. And I can’t even add that number manually nor do I have any way to find all of them again and change their status back to Learned so they will be reviewed again in 15 days or so.

For the 15th this wasn’t so bad, I started with 46 and had 32 left afterwards. 4 were added to Known Words, bringing them up to 1789, 10 were apparently lost in Nirvana.
The 19th has only new words so I can’t repeat the progress.

This is playing havoc with my stats, especially for the 90-day-challenge because the system thinks I haven’t learned anything much. Really, really great sigh

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Thanks for mentioning that Deahna, I thought my learnt LingQs weren’t being recorded, but I don’t keep track as well as you do.

No LingQs for 22 October 2015? Help…

Same here :-(((