Anyone or Anybody

I am little bit confused with the use of ‘anyone’ and ‘anybody’. In language dictonaries, meaning of both terms are same. Are these terms exchangable while speaking also?

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My answer is that these terms are interchangeable. Others may feel differently. Same with somebody and someone.

Hi LinqQ
I am now comming to this web site.My gole is to improve my english
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Fist I want to ask one thing
if we want to improve english
we want to lean grammer are not, i dont know any thing about
Tell some web sit to learn grammer

Hi lovelysuman2,

You can find the answers to Drowsy Grammar v.s Systematic Enjoyment in this blog, which may be applied to all the languages.

Thanks Ping. When we start up Chinese we will be counting on your for some Chinese language content.

If you ever thought of starting in Japanese now is the time. Check out the great content that our members have created in Japanese, especially for beginners. For a Chinese person who know the characters this should be a piece of cake!

Oh wow, I haven’t noticed the new items in Japanese store! Before I was stuck because the content in the library were too difficult for me. Now I can restart my Japanese with the wonderful beginner-level materials which have been created by our Japanese members. I am very excited about this. Thanks for telling me about this, Steve さん.

Well, it’s a trend that people learn Simplified Chinese( you can even find this in Wikipedia that the default Chinese is Simplified Chinese). Although the words can be easily converted with the help of websites or softwares, there are certain different usages of words between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. If LingQ welcome for both, surely I am eager to create some content to share in this global community.