Anyone knows how can I get Using German for Assimil? I can find french to german while I need french to English!

Is there Using German for Assimil in English in the market? I seem not to find it!

I think he means the “Using” series from Assimil, In French it’s “Perfectionnement” No, unfortunately there’s only Using French for English speakers, so you’ll only be able to use the With Ease series for German.

I see, “Perfectionnement”. It’s true that much of the series only exists in French. I’ve got the “Perfectionnement Russe” for example. Only available in French as well

I mean, I know English well, so I need Using German which is written for English speakers.
I can only find the ones written for French speakers.

no the using series is only available in english for spanish and french

That’s because there isn’t any. There’s only Using French, so there’s no Using German, Italian, Spanish etc… Like there is in the French equivalent “Perfectionnment”

you could look for the german without toil version

I finished that one, so I am now looking for the advanced version which is Using German.

Also I have the french version for Assimil using German, but I am not sure how I can use it especially when my french language is about only b1

If your German is good enough, you can still make use of the dialogues and new vocabulary without reading the French. Just treat it as you would some native reading material that doesn’t come with explanations either. Go at it with a dictionary and Google.