Anyone interested in an IKEA catalogue swap?

Catalogues can be used as visual dictionaries, and the IKEA catalogue is a good example. What’s special about this catalogue is that it is international and many people have a copy at home.

The idea is to exchange samples.

I have one or two copies in German to offer, would be interested in catalogues in Greek, Swedish or Korean.

Anyone feel free to use this thread to post offers or requests and to discuss the topic :slight_smile:

I mean, couldn’t one just go to their website and change the language…?

That wouldn’t be any fun, would it

Nobody is going to go to the post office and pay to post a free catalogue to you in another country when they can get the same thing online in 10 seconds for free.

It is definitely not the same thing.

@DrewPeacock: “…your thread and your idea are both pointless and stupid considering you don’t need to swap anything with anyone…”

Is it really necessary to be so freaking rude to the guy? Maybe he just likes to collect the catalogues or something?

(I actually get that - I’ve got a coin collection myself. My dealer in Austria just suppled a very nice Spanish 5 Peseta piece from 1949 “Francisco Franco Caudillo de Espania por la g. de Dios” Suck on that leftists! :-D)

I wasn’t being rude. I was being blunt and to the point. Thanks for your concern though.

Pleasure and a privilege, ducky.

Language nerds can be so snobby, ugh. Don’t mind them. This is a great idea.
Paper > Screens, imo.

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This is a very small online community, and the number of users to be found on the forum is even much smaller. In the busiest subfora the frequency of postings/time is less than 1/hr. Wouldn’t you like this forum to be a bit more crowded and thus interesting than it is today? I would.
Do you think abusing other users who make constructive proposals for your personal egotism is helpful in this respect? I can’t see any other possible motivation behind postings beginning with “What? You don’t get how your thread and your idea are both pointless and stupid” unless you think that with this language you can convince anyone that you are right.

You don’t like my idea, fine. Just ignore it! If you can’t, you should think before you ridicule.

Reading my original posting could help. Do I really sound like someone desperately in need of materials they can use as visual dictionaries? Read again…

The idea of printing out website content… I am talking about a catalogue in near-magazine quality of I think 200 pages. This resembles a visual dictionary, ist weakness being the narrow range of topics, of course. I could work with that, because in the paper catalogue, the objects they sell are arranged in their environments. That’s exactly what a visual dictionary should be like.
Web sites are organized in a completely different way. On the web you will use a search engine to find articles you like. And you can’t insert pictures but you will make use of words to find them. Quite the other way around from what you need.
Using a catalogue in my own language and a dictionary as a guide for searching the Swedish, Korean etc IKEA site and then printing out the results would result in a huge stack of printouts showing one isolated object (maybe in 4-5 versions) per page plus price info. In other words, something hardly useful for language learning. So from my point of view you most decidedly cannot replace a catalogue by printing out web site content.

Making use of expensive mail services for sending something you didn’t pay anything for in the first place may sound stupid to you, but do you think you can take the price of something as a measure of its usefulness? I don’t.
If you do a thought experiment and ponder the thoughts that a) that catalogue could be a useful tool and b) you can’t replace it by a web service, you will observe that it is extremely easy to get one in your own language but it is difficult to get a foreign one. Maybe then you “get” why my idea could be useful.

You think you “were being” to the point. Think again.

Btw the meaning of “…” was that I already had told the Prinz his solution (and therefore your links to those Ikea sites) wasn’t sufficient.

Thanks for your support


Okay, jetzt verstehe ich, was du meinst. Nach Überlegung meine ich, es könnte schon eine interessante bzw. effektive Lernstrategie sein: man blättert im Buchlein und sieht dabei Bilder von bekannten Gegenständen (Tische, Stühle, Bücherregale, oder was auch immer) und kriegt sofort den Namen in der Zielsprache. Darüber hinaus hat man dann meistens auch ein paar Zeilen (oder auch Paragraphen) mit zusätzlichen Infos und so - und bekommt auf dieser Weise auch verbundenen Vokabeln.

Ich bin nach wie vor der Ansicht, dies würde auch beim Surfen der IKEA-website klappen - mindestens bis zu einem gewissen Punkt. Aber ich wäre auch der letzte, der irgendein elektrisches Gerät über ein reales Buch bevorzugt :slight_smile:

(Übrigens: was diesen “DrewPeacock” Kerl anbetrifft, es dürfte uns mittlerweile klar sein, dass seine Beiträge eher nichtsagend und unintelligent sind, denke ich mal…)

Surfen der IKEA-website
Das wäre auszuprobieren, aber wie gesagt, da stößt man eher eine Suchfunktion als auf Szenen, in denen mehrere Gegenstände im Zusammenhang abgebildet sind. Hast du solche Szenen, kannst du, wenn du mit Sprechen anfangen willst, Monologe über das führen, was du dort siehst, ähnlich wie Kinder sich mit Bilderbüchern beschäftigen.

Was DP angeht, hatte ich mir vor längerer Zeit mal vorgenommen, ihn zu ignorieren, aber wenn er mir mein Projekt kaputtredet, muss ich reagieren.
Er hat übrigens nicht selbst seine Beiträge gelöscht, das war der Admin.

Ja, dieser DP ist offenbar ein ziemlicher Narr. Ich bin eigentlich für die Redefreiheit – in politischen Dingen zumindest. Aber wenn jemand (so wie er) andere Leute ständig angreift und auf kindischer Weise beschimpft und dabei gar nichts interessantes zu sagen hat, dann ist es vielleicht doch besser, die Beiträge einfach zu löschen.

Das sehe ich auch so.