Anyone have an easy workflow or tip for importing Kindle books into Lingq? (specifically Japanese vertical text)

So, it seems I would have to copy and paste a book sentence by sentence if I wanted to do it that way. Seems a little annoying if its possible to avoid. Not sure if anybody else has come across a more convenient workflow? Thank you :slight_smile:

There are tools to convert Kindle’s MOBI/AZW3 to other formats, but you may have to remove the DRM from it first if it has that. The use of instruments aimed at removing DRM protection is considered illegal under some jurisdictions.

I convert all ebooks into a text format I can import into LingQ. I use Calibre to convert files, for example ebooks that I bought and downloaded. Then I import them into LingQ. Hope this helps.

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I use Calibre too for importing books into LingQ. It is really great. I don’t convert them to text format. Instead, I just open them with Calibre and copy and paste one chapter at a time into the inport page of LingQ. These texts are then automatically broken into chunks of 2000 words.

thank you for taking the time :). I’ll look into this^^

Very helpful, Calibre looks very promising and exactly what I want. Thank you for taking the time, its much appreciated :slight_smile:

Calibre seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much^^