Anyone else use New In Slow French/German/Italian/Spanish?

Does anyone else use News in slow…? Intermediate German

I was wondering was you guys think about it. I have been using it for quite some time now and I think its really great. Clear Audio with text to import into LingQ and No long english explanations. I wish they had this for more languages.


I think they are handy in at early stages but I would move to real content as fast as possible. As for what slow news type of things they are out there. I found some years ago a news in Spanish podcast same sort of thing like RFI and Deutsche Welle slow news but cant find the website. I did google newsinslowspanish and found the website below, I don’t think it is the same that I found years ago but, it could be the same with updated web design.

If slowly spoken text with transcript is more important to you than news, then there is They have slowly spoken podcast with text in French, German (Swiss as well) and Italian.

Edit: slowly spoken is a subjective term but as a learner who feels comfortable in listening to “real” radio they feel slow to me. Still they do offer full transcripts and are slow (as far as I remember can remember).

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Hey thank you so much for the link to podclub! I never heard of this I think im going to really like their site! Thank you very much!
They also have a podcast for advanced listeners, where they talk about a much quicker speed. Heres a link to one of their free episodes from their advanced podcast. Advanced Spanish

Hey I starting to use the website you gave me, Its great! Thank you very much.

I love both the slow news and the Swiss podcasts. I always get the B1 lievel on my French langaue tests but I still find spoken French extremly dififuclt to understand and I find some difficulty in reading the newspapers. I think these podcasts will be great tools to help me improve my French ,

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Yes, I do! :slight_smile:

By the way, you also find news in slow Italian on Fluent. Simple.