Anyone else know or knows the answer?

Anyone knows the answer?
We use “knows” after anyone as anyone is third-person singular.

How about “anyone else”?
Anyone else know the answer? or
Anyone else knows the answer?

Thank you!!!

The correct form for both is “Anyone (else) know the answer?” because the full form of the question is “Does anyone (else) know the answer?”, and we are missing out “Does”. A question like this is only used in informal speech.

As a statement, “Anyone knows the answer” is correct, though it’s an unlikely statement: we’d be more likely to say “Huh, anyone knows the answer to that”. On the other hand, we’d never say the statement “Anyone else knows the answer” - we’d say “Someone else knows the answer”.


Thank you, nigello.

I saw it from the script below:

Host: Welcome to today’s show! The rules of the game are simple: I will ask a question, and the first contestant to hit the buzzer gets to answer that question. Each correct answer is worth $100. Today’s topic is “Spain.” Are you ready, contestants? The first question, for $100, is: What currency is used in Spain? [buzzer] Contestant A!
Woman 1: The euro.
Host: That’s right, Contestant A. Spain used to use the peseta, but now they use the euro. And now for the next question: What country borders Spain to the west? [buzzer] Contestant A!
Woman 1: Portugal?
Host: Correct! You’re doing very well, Contestant A! Maybe our other contestants can catch up on our next question: What is the capital of Spain? [buzzer] Contestant B!
Man: The capital is Madrid.
Host: You’re right, Contestant B. The capital is Madrid. Excellent. Let’s see how you do with our next question: What is one of the most popular sports in Spain? [buzzer] Yes, Contestant C!
Woman 2: Um… um… hockey?
Host: No, I’m sorry. Anyone else know the answer? [buzzer] Contestant A!