Anyone else having problems with importing w/ IOS and Chrome?

I am getting errors when I try to import from Netflix using Chrome extension. It also doesn’t work on the iphone app. Also youtube doesn’t work on the iphone app. I can get Youtube to import with Chrome but it doesn’t pull in the audio anymore. My current workaround to get content in from Netflix is to use Firefox. That works great, so it’s just Chrome and IOS that are not working for me.

Everything was working fine up until maybe the last few weeks/days (not really sure exactly when, but I know these all worked before). I still love my membership and I’m sure these bugs are temporary… it’s just frustrating and I find myself using language reactor more and more lately.

Anyone else having problems lately? I also had a lot of trouble importing an ebook in PDF format. I had to basically do it one paragraph / page at a time but then a few days later I had like 8 full copies of the entire book that suddenly showed up out of nowhere.

I am looking forward to when lingQ is one of those apps that “just works” consistently

Yes, other users also complained they have problems importing from Netflix through Chrome extension. We are looking into it and trying to figure out what’s going on.

Regarding the YouTube import, it should import properly from within the app too. What exactly happens when you try?

Youtube is currently working for me. Whatever problem I had is gone now… in both IOS and Chrome

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