Anyone else find the Avatar Progression awkward?

  • I find it weird how when your level is Beginner 2 it shows that you’ve unlocked Beginner 1 but not Beginner 2. The Beginner 2 emblem would still be grey.

  • If your level is Intermediate 1, it will only show the Beginner 2 emblem unlocked…and it would say “XXXX words to complete Intermediate 2”.
    Shouldn’t it show the emblem for your level? And why would it say you need words to complete a level you aren’t even on yet?

In any game…if you’re level 5 it would say " ____ XP to complete level 5" not “_____ XP to complete level 6” …to reach level 6 maybe, that would be true…and any rewards (emblems) for level 5 would be unlocked…

Am I overthinking this, is there something I’m missing?


Yeah, I don’t understand it, either.

I was looking at the chart that explains it all just last week and I was still confused by the whole thing.

I think because you DO NOT start off as beginner 1 it throws things off a bit.

You are completing levels, not sitting at them.

For example you just completed intermediate 2. You have reached the stage of advanced 1, and are working towards completing advanced 1, which will make you advanced 2.

I think the traditional leveling system common in most games would be far more clear.

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It’s very confusing. I remember being thrown off for the longest time, then I figured it out, then they changed it again, and even now I just had to take a another quick look at my own progress and the chart of progression here:

As I recall, using Spanish as the example, Advanced Level 2 = 33,200 means that at 33,200 words you will have completed (LingQ said “achieved”) Level 2 and reached, meaning “now in” Level Three. In the past, the certificate you got would also indicate which level you completed not which one you reached. I think the changing of the avatar levels 1-2 years ago further confused it because NOW: you need 33,200 to complete/finish Advanced Level 2, and reach Level 3. However, your certificate issued at that point will say you have “achieved” meaning reached Advanced Level 3.

For all those reasons, I was even more confused because when I had finally figured it out, it changed again. I had “finished” level 1, gotten a certificate for level 1, was in level 2 and working toward level 3. However, when I “finished” level 2 a few months ago, and reached level 3, I was expecting a certificate for level 2. Instead I got a certificate for “achieving” level 3!

my head hurts.

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I haven’t been around long enough to remember a change to the system, but it sure is more complicated than it should be. It’s a small thing, but it’s a little irksome at times.

I guess this isn’t a game. Don’t stress it, just keep adding more words, it’s addicting.