Anyone could translate this from italian for me?

Please, I need to translate this text…
"per essere tali pitture a tempera e non gia a fresco la vernice non si incorpora…”

I don’t speak any Italian but I suggest you ask for a translation on the Exchange page.

Hi ! So this is not recent Italian and it is harder for me to guess the meaning without context but I will try. " The paint must not be blended, mixed, if you want gouache colours and not fresh paint " I know nothing on the topic, I do hope this makes sense to you ! Sorry, I have been away for a few days and I missed out on this request.

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??? “In order for those to be Tempera paintings it must not have fresh paint incorporated.” ???

Possibly the text of someone using a translation engine to convey a point in Italian.

Many thanks! I think this translation can be useful… but I’m still quite lost…
The text talks about roman fresh paintings and some authors thought it was gouache or encaustic. This text fragment says: “Dalle prime definizioni di “pinturas, pinturillas, quadrillos, tonache dipinte, intonaci” che ricorrono nei rapporti dei primi decenni di scavo, quando si è preoccupati essenzialmente dal metodo e dai criteridi scelta delle pitture da distaccare, solo dopo il 1766, quando ci si pone nuovamente il problema della loro conservazione, a seconda dell’opinione che ciascuno degli esperti interpellati ha del modo di affrontare la questione, si parlerà di una tecnica diversa: e così Ferdinando Fuga affermerà “per essere tali pitture a tempera e non gia a fresco la vernice non si incorpora…””

So, could this connect in any way to " affresco " technique ? Anyway the meaning does not really change IMO. Thanks for helping out with the context, it helped .

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Maybe he’s saying that paint should be mixed with the calcium carbonate which it’s on the wall… that’s how romans do his paintings.
The quote is from baroque period, so I couldn’t understand anything… thank you!