Anyone copy and paste a PDF book on Lingq

I have already signed up for “Scribd” to start reading an e-book for my English learning. I found that it is no use because I couldn’t copy and paste the whole book directly into Lingq at a time. For example, it only allows ten pages of a book, which will make me have to copy and paste 10 times to get the whole book. It isn’t very effective to copy a 300-page book and upload it on Lingq. Is there any way you can recommend? Is it possible to copy books from Kindle or what?, because some materials are not allowed to be copied.

Convert the book from whatever format it is in into txt. You can use the free software Calibre or some online converter. Then copy-paste all the text into Lingq. Lingq will chop it up for you into 2000-word fragments

Thank you so much. I was annoyed at how i could not get it to work (Umlauts and accents would mess up the text).

Thank you so much!

My question is if there anyone know how I can find a website to download some new release books. I can pay.

In principle, you can use any online bookshop. In some cases the ebooks will be DRM-protected. It has already been discussed what to do in those cases. Some bookshops offer unprotected ebooks. That topic has also been addressed on th forum. One example is the official Harry Potter website

If you choose the DRM-free, here are some tips: