Anyone actively working on getting Vietnamese Stories recorded?

Is anybody actively working on getting these? How much would it cost to record 60 stories at an audio quality that is acceptable for LingQ? I just want to see Vietnamese on here already and I’m certain many others do. Are there no Vietnamese people who use Lingq?


Hi Erduan, we have the translations but no good recordings so far, although someone has made a promise to record them. If there are people here who can provide good audio they can contact me to speed up the process ( sahra @ lingq . com )


My partner is a Vietnamese native (from Ho Chi Minh). Given the differences between the northern and southern accents (there is no “standard” spoken Vietnamese), would you accept audio using the southern accent?


Hi cypher, yes, could you please send an email to me at sahra @ lingq .com? thanks

Why doesn’t LingQ pay contractors to record the mini stories? I can’t imagine that it would be a huge expense, and it’s a one-time investment.


Well because it simply doesn’t pay off…
And why should LingQ favor one specific “unpopular” language? If LingQ did pay for the translations, recordings and grammar guides for all the languages that some users apparently want to study we wouldn’t talk about a small amount anymore.

LingQ does better in working on performance and usability to attract and convince new users for their more popular languages. As a community we have the opportunity to contribute new languages. That’s more than you can ask for imo.

If LingQ had just paid a contractor to do this 3 years ago when I started learning Vietnamese and first asked about it here, I would have paid them somewhere between $200-400 in subscription fees since then. They are leaving money on the table for every person that wants to just learn Vietnamese, and also making me less likely to try it for other languages in the future.


This is a very generous offer, but for what it’s worth, I would only subscribe to LingQ if they added northern dialect.