Anybody know what accent is in this Spanish video?

So, I’ve been watching movies on HBO Latino again, which have american movies dubbed in spanish. I import the text of them into lingq. Anyway, they are done really well, but I was wondering what accent or country is the spanish spoken from. To me, it doesn’t sound like Mexico, Spain, Argentina, or any of the islands (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico etc.). If it is accent-free, which countries sound most similar to this type of spanish. Thanks in advance.

Here is the link… - YouTube

espanol neutro - that’s a slightly artificial ‘lowest common denominator’ dialect for dubbed foreign movies and shows in Latin America. Basically Mexican without any slang that would clearly identify it as Mexican.

It’s definitely a good variety to expose youself to, unless you have your eyes on any particular country.

It’s a bit bland because you won’t hear any cursing, slang etc. For that stuff you have to get country-specific.


In the television market, Latin America is considered as one territory for distribution and syndication of programmes; for this reason they are dubbed into a Neutral Spanish that avoids idioms and words that may have a coarse meaning in any of the countries in which the programme will be shown. This Latin American Neutral Spanish:

uses only ustedes for the second person plural pronoun, regardless whether familiar or formal (in contrast to the use of vosotros for the familiar in Spain);
uses tú for the familiar second person singular pronoun (rather than vos);
Tends to a single pronunciation of the s, c (before e or i) and z.
Latin American Neutral Spanish tends to be common in Colombia (because of the existence of a lot of regional dialects), Venezuela (because of its location as a crossroad for Latin America and an important Spanish-language soap opera production industry) and Mexico, where most of mass media is made.

Latin American Neutral Spanish was also formerly distributed with programmes in Spain, but that no longer happens.

Thanks! When I listen to this I can here the seperation of words very clearly and I can understand a lot of it, however, when I listen to telenovelas I have a much more difficult time. I’m hoping it’s because I DO listen mostly to HBO Latino. I think I am going to start mixing in some telemundo’s telenovelas. El Señor de Los Cielos is the first telenovela to have “pop on” captions, instead of the annoying “roll up” style. Where I live, there are many people from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Columbia. By far, I can understand the Columbian “accent” far better than the other two. The only problem is that I don’t have many sources of audio and text that use the accents from PR or DR. Do you happen to know any?

Don’t know much about pr and dr. My Spanish leans very heavy to Argentina and Spain. I don’t htink you need audio and text for a specific accent. As long as you’re still learning and need text just stay with any content you like. When you’re good enough in the language overall then just go and talk to the boricuas and dominicans and listen to bachata and reaggeton to focus in on those varieties :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like great content. Can I ask how you’re able to find transcripts for these?

My expert says it´s a ´neutral´accent that is used for dubbing. Possibly Colombian, as that is often used in dubbing.