Anybody have this issue being drawn between ltwo anguages

a language that you want to learn but have less access to in terms of native speakers or a language that is more practical to learn because you have more access to native speakers and more resources but are less excited about it what do you do

Simple and easy: go with the one you really want to learn. You’ll find your own stuff, import it into LingQ, and find native speakers on the internet. That’s almost always the right answer and I’m sure most people here would agree.

One caveat: if this language you are more excited about is not on LingQ, I personally would not learn it. Granted, I started Spanish without it, and I’m sure I could have learned Spanisht to fluency with out, as many have, but I dont’ know if I WOULD have. If your resources are scarce AND it’s not on LingQ, even more reason not to do it. In either of those cases, I personally might then go for the language with more resources, provided that you are genuintely interested in that other more “practical” langauge. I wouldn’t learn any language that I was not specifically motivated to learn for some reason or other. Just doing it to “learn a lanuage” isn’t enoguh for me I think most people would stuggle without that inspiration.

In my case, I just compeleted Spanish and am looking to switch gears. A few mintues ago, I separately asked the advice of someone I really trust and respect here as to how I should specifically proceed in my particular case.

My “problem” is that I am not specificially excited about any one particular language of the 7-8 on my list of potential second foreign langauegs to learn, not just two. Moreover, I cannot make the decision based on practicality becuase for me, not foreign langauge is practical. Sure, I have found Spanish helpful given that the massive influx of illegal aliens from Latin America has increased the “diversity” in my area, but that is purely concincidental. There weren’t ANY native speakers of it around me when I started. I went to a weeklong conference in DC for highschoolers and there was a delegation from Puerto Rico. A year later my high school Spanish club went to Spain. Outside of these two events, I never heard Spanish in the wild, only on the then new Spanish channel and randomly in movies. I have only been to a foreign country twice in my life (Spain).


I have spent more time on spanish and have more acess to native speakers, tutors, and lessons for the language. I have found a tutor, a student, and a friend that are all native speakers and I have decided I am going to it . Also I would like to be able to attend the languge institute in a few summers so I am just going for my goal and will find a way to make everything work.

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