Any user imported content (in Korean) that y'all would like manually timestamped?

Hi, y’all!

I want to practice listening to Korean content and help user lessons have better timestamps — if they’re off.

Are there any lessons you notice have timestamps that are off? No promises, but I might be able to prioritize those in my listening practice sessions. (Drop the share link of the lesson for me to check out if you notice them in your LingQ studies.)

P.S. This is one of many activities I’m doing. I don’t feel pressured to do timestamping — LingQ mentions they prefer sharing content over focusing on timestamping — so I don’t need any listening alternatives or anything right now. It’s just something I want to do. :smiley:


Do you mean publicly available, or ones we uploaded for personal use? I’ve noticed things but forget where. I’ll keep my eyes open…

Edited to add: and Thanks for the offer!!!

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For public use (internal lessons) because I won’t be able to access and edit private lessons. In addition, as far as I know, I can’t do anything about external lessons because each user imports whatever is already there directly from the outside source. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I also can’t edit any lessons marked with LingQ as the provider — like mini-stories. Those have to be reported to Support & Feedback Forum so the LingQ team can fix those.


I can weirdly view this LingQ.

I’ve been busy with shifts for the holidays, but I can try and take a look and fix the timestamps and see if it does anything on your end.

I’ll let you know. :smiley: