Any updates on Thai?

Are there any news regarding the long awaited release of Thai on LingQ? It was said 20 mini stories have been recorded so far. Any news on that?


curious too

No, at the moment we don’t have any update on Thai. As soon as we have more details, we will share them.

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Me too, I’ve been in Chiang Mai for the past three months and am looking to learn some Thai. I imagine there’d be a big market for it here

really disappointed in lingq

talking about releasing thai for years but nothing happened


You have mentioned many times in previous posts over the last few years that it would come with the 5.0 release.

Why not just release what you have already recorded? Even as beta to satisfy the many customers that have been requesting it for the last 10+ years. There’s clearly demand for it.

I know we would all appreciate it, even if it isn’t “perfect”.

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Probably, it has something to do with Thai writing.
I’m not even sure modern parsers for Thai are as good as those for Chinese (and even them are not so good as we can see on Lingq).
Basically it’s a big investment in development for small gains. Even Hindi is still not on Lingq, while it puts spaces between words, and is probably a more popular language in general.

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i am also interested in thai language

I’m also interested. Could chip in if you need to pay native speakers for recordings.

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I don’t understand why they can’t just release it and have it rely on imports


interested too. Wish to have Thai, and also Vietnamese in LingQ


If we had a progress chart for all the languages not yet on Lingq as has been requested before, then it would save us having to keep on asking for updates.

After listening to Steve Kaufmann’s podcasts I joined Linq Q only to realize that Thai is not represented here. I am an emergent reader/writer of Thai but sadly, quality reading material in the Thai language is exceptionally scarce. I believe I read on this forum in 2020 that Thai would be represented but that apparently is not so. I’m sorely disappointed.

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very interested in Thai availability on LingQ

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Wishing the same. I’m an avid listener to Steve but disappointed that I cannot take advantage of this frequently mentioned to.


I doubt my vote will change anything, but, yes, I also hope to see Thai on Lingq.

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