Any update on putting Bing Translator on LingQ for Hebrew?

Is there any update about putting Bing Translator on LingQ for Hebrew?
As I said last time, it’s the only translator that has Hebrew text to speech. And I often find it better than Google Translate. I’m doing a lot of copying and pasting into Bing Translator.


We are considering how to deal with Hebrew and Farsi TTS which are currently not supported by Google, but at this moment I am not sure when that will happen and are we going to use Bing Translator.

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TTS is supported by Bing Translator in Hebrew.

@ScotOwen - We have finally added Bing TTS for Hebrew. Enjoy!


Doesn’t seem to be working for me?

@TamL - Which browser are you using?

I’ve tried both Edge and Chrome.

It works for me for individual words on both Safari and Chrome but, I see, it isn’t working for the sentence TTS in Sentence Mode. Is that what you are trying?

Yes, I noticed it right away. Thanks! Works great for me.

I can’t figure it out. It’s on single words, I tried clearing the cache, other languages work fine.

At first it didn’t seem to do TTS for more than one word at a time, but it does it now on my system. I’m using Chrome. Maybe they fixed something.

Strange. We are looking at the sentence issue. Maybe once we resolve it, it will work in both places for you.

You’re right. We just fixed the issue with Sentence TTS. All should be working now.


It’s working this morning, thanks!

Wow!!! ┗(^0^)┓ Finally!!!
Now I’ll be able recommend LingQ to my students without hesitations and apologies!!!
Thank you, LingQ team and thank you, inquiring and reminding about this feature LingQ fellow-learners!

THANK YOU!!! Sorry for the caps lock - so excited!!!

Hi Alisa, glad to hear it will help your students. We want to keep adding Hebrew content so please let us know if you find anything we can share! :slight_smile: We tried getting this site ynet - חדשות, כלכלה, ספורט ובריאות - דיווחים שוטפים מהארץ ומהעולם working with the extension but it isn’t compatible… Too bad. But if you know of any similar sites, please message us.

This website has a lot of tv shows with subtitles, but the subtitles are imbedded into the video, so you can’t get them into LingQ.


Also this Channel from youtube has subtitles on all of their videos you can use with the LingQ extension.

Hi Mark, I don’t see the link for the youtube channel with the Hebrew subtitles you are referring to.