Any tips on how to continue learning on a free account?

any tips on how to continue learning on a free account?

Yes. Look at the cost of a 13-week course, or private lessons, then buy a yearly membership and start lingq’ing like crazy,


Just listen and read as much as you can!
I may be wrong (I also have a free account) but isn’t the paid version basically for creating (and repeating) loads of flashcards? I’m not a big fan of flashcards, I don’t use them often. Occasionally I create my own flashcards and I find making my own notes is a lot more effective than using ready-made stuff. (Btw - don’t tell anyone - there are free apps for creating flashcards, too. :wink: To practice writing and speaking your target language(s) try and find yourself some language partners who are learning English.

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I suggest that you read around the forums here and watch some of Steves videos. the point of linking isn’t to review, many people here don’t use the flash card system, the point is to recognize when the same word is used in a different context. this way you can add vocabulary at a rate of about 10 times that of taking notes or using flash cards . This seems to be the main point of Lingq the method of natural language acquisition. I never ever use the flash cards. My apologies about the writing, I’m trying to make this comment on my small phone screen. Best of luck.


That is not what Lingq is for at all. Like musicserver77 said, many people don’t use the flashcards. Lingq gives you a large library of content for which there is also audio, along with an online dictionary that gives you definitions of unknown words instantaneously. Not to mention you can import content of your choosing from anywhere on the web. If you don’t have the paid version you are missing out on all of Lingq’s benefits.


You can get LingQ Premium and use it at NO COST. A few members have discovered the secret… You want to know how?

  1. Refer 5 customers. You will get a 20% kick back and this will essentially pay for your LingQ Account (as long as those referrals stay on LingQ).

  2. Become a kick*** tutor. Every 10,000 points you receive, you can exchange for real cash! 10,000 points equals $100 (not including LingQ’s take, which is 15%). If you charge $20 a lesson and do 10 lessons, you’ve essentially paid for a year subscription.

  3. Do both, use LingQ Premium at no cost and make money.

And yes, we are doing are best to make it as easy as possible for users to refer new users by improving a) onboarding b) content c) UX/UI d) everything else!

EDIT: Also, the biggest drawback from using a FREE account compared to a Premium is that FREE users only have the ability to import 5 times… With a Premium account, you can import as many lessons as you’d like, essentially having access to an infinite amount of content.


I don’t think I’d make a good tutor my own language confuses me LOL

I hope not it’s not in the budget right now

So without seeing what the words mean how do you learn the story? the only thing I’ve come up with go back to the story in your native language or read the transcripts do it sentence by sentence English is my first language to be honest I have spots in my own language that could be better

Thanks I’m just trying to understand the free account to be honest it seems very restricted I can’t even save or even see words once you 20 limit that’s it I just want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding anything or how you use the free account because it seems like in order to get anything out of lingq you have to do premium

Tutoring was a way before the update of the system. I used to be a tutor for many years but I had no one request during last year.
I guess people do not understand how to find a tutor now. That"s my case, too. I did not spend any point last year.

Does this mean you’re learning a language from scratch? I wasn’t aware of this. In that case, I fear, you won’t get far with a free account.
My situation is a bit different. I learnt Russian in school but haven’t been practicing it ever since. I forgot an awful lot over the years but not all was gone. So I was looking for easy reading and listening material and that’s exactly what I found here. The more I read and listen the more comes back and often I can guess the meaning of a word from context. Occassionaly I look up a word in the dictionary, just to make sure or if I can’t figure out its meaning. But not each and every word - I wouldn’t enjoy reading at all if I had to do this.

Sorry it’s been awhile I’ve been struggling with learning a language but yes I’m learning from scratch. but I can’t believe you have to get premium to do the basic premise of this website which is to save and learn words premium should be that extra something and value but not a requirement as a new user trying to learn a language from scratch it’s way too restrictive and it probably discourages people

Hi Ress, thanks for the feedback. We’re working away on a few other parts of LingQ but we will eventually make the tutoring experience better and more accessible.

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