Any tests like TOEFL but for Chinese?

Hello I’ve been studying Chinese for 2 months. I registered at a university, but feel that I study better alone. At university you are supposed to learn lots of linguistic concepts that I have no use for. It feels better to study alone and with Chinese friends. My question is: Are there any kind of tests you can do that show that you have a certain level of Chinese, similar to TOEFL test. I will need some evidence to show that I speak Chinese in the future, but I’m not the kind of student who learn much at University.

Thank you


There is HSK exam for Chinese which has 6 Levels in total. If you want to take this exam, I believe that you should continue your lessons at the university. And practice with your Chinese friends after you learn something there.

HSK can be paper based or with computer. If it is possible, I advice you take the computer one.