Any source to find an Audio Book?

I wanna find an Audio Book with copyable fronts and mp3
Then I can directly copy and paste it into linqQ and study it.
Amazon or What?
I have brought an audio book once, but the words cannot be copied.
I would be appreciated if someone give me some advice.

Most eBooks are protected with DRMs, so that you cannot copy/paste them and create pirate copies. You can remove the DRMs with several kinds of software, then copy/paste your eBook into LingQ.

what does “wanna” mean?

want to

that’s better

LibriVox has many recordings that you can copy and use on LingQ. For the recordings that do not have an etext file listed, the text can often be found elsewhere on the Internet by doing a search. These are mostly older books or stories.

I know this thread was old. I would like to share a website that I found and they’re giving a free audio books. hope this hepls.