Any solution to blank space

When I import the materials from YouTube, there is always the blank between line to line.
But thats not the case when I import the article from newspaper. I also use the Firefox OS. How can I get rid of that? Or should I do something manually?

Nothing can be done there at the moment, I assume that’s due to subtitle file that was imported to particular video. We’ll see if we can do anything about it in new reader.

I have found that’s normal with imports from Youtube with closed captions, each ‘chunk’ of a few words relates to the individual caption.
It is a bit fiddly at first, but my own workaround is to go to the edit Lesson page, copy all lesson text and paste that into a single cell in Microsoft Excel worksheet, then I use Ctrl+H command to replace all the ‘End of line’ returns. Specifically in the ‘Find what’ field by typing a Return (Ctrl+J), and then just a ‘Space’ in the ‘Replace with’ field - standard excel stuff.
This does work fine, and I have used this method successfully for almost a year, and shared many of the results.
Some texts do not have full stops for each end of sentence, so I go through and insert full stops if needed.
If full stops are already there, you can use similar method to replace ‘Full stop and Space’ with a ‘Full stop and Space and Return’, which effectively puts the line spacing back in, but only after each sentence to tidy things up a bit. (NB: the extra .+space is to avoid separating numbers with decimal point etc. Beware in some languages you can get “. or .” or even a different symbol).
I used excel to copy my steps as I typed and went through each mini steps, and and excel created a short macro as I typed, and now it is all done in one step/action within seconds.
The texts generally need a bit of a tidy up, but the process for longer lessons is speeded up considerably and much easier to read and make lingq’s with multiple words which may have crossed the line spacing in its original form.
Hope this helps,
Keep safe, Best regards, Frank