Any recommendations for advanced Spanish Listening resources?

Does anyone know a good advanced level spanish podcast, YouTuber etc. It would be ideal with subtitles :slight_smile:

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Personnally I have subscribed to

I’m interessted in what going on in Peru.
If you take an annual subscription, it cost 50 euros / year for digital subscription.


Linguriosa, Unlike other you tubers who teach the language, this channel is for language nerds. But you can learn a lot…She can be annoying sometimes though.


Always loved Radio Ambulante:


If you’re a history buff (like me): HistoCast.

Unfortunately: no transcripts.

Not as good as Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History”… but Dan is in a storytelling class of his own :slight_smile:


I second Linguriosa and Curiosamente is fun too.

Thank you for all the recommendations!

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Depends on what you’re into.

Also, how advanced? Advanced typically means you can listen to native content, and at that point you just go after your interests.


You are right. I was just looking for something with a bit of structure to avoid surfing all corners of YouTube, never really diving deep into something and really learning the vocabulary.
I suppose I will just have to structure my learning better in this regard.

Sounds like you really should be listening to audiobooks, then :wink: Can’t get much more structured than that, and it’s native content.

Other than that I’d recommend you make a list of resources and categorize them, the more resources the better (minus eventual diminishing returns). You might have some resources in the “tech” category, some others in “cooking”, or whatever your interests are. Whenever you’re ready to listen you just go there and choose something based on what kind of thing interests you that day. It’s all been previously vetted by you so you don’t have to think much about whether it’s good enough.

Also, a few specific youtube channels:

  • Aprendemos Juntos 2030 - YouTube - I haven’t watched them yet, but the channel seems great. They have all sorts of educational videos in form of interviews. All videos have CC subtitles (in Catalan and Spanish).
  • The Wild Project - YouTube - I haven’t watched this one yet either as it’s way above my level, but the conversations are in what seems to me Joe Rogan style, so quick-paced interviews about all sorts of topic. I want to listen to this eventually as this is a goldmine for conversational language. The youtube only has snippets, while Spotify (it’s a podcast) has full 2-4 hour episodes
  • Lethal Crysis - YouTube Lethal Crysis is one of my absolute favorites. He travels to all sorts of cool places and records really interesting videos and commentaries about them. Very high production value, too :wink:
  • Mochileros - YouTube - Similar to above, though I haven’t gotten around to watching this one yet
  • QuantumFracture - YouTube - Haven’t watched this one either but found it while looking for some scientific stuff. They make videos on physics and math.
  • El Escoces gamer - YouTube - If you like gaming, he does 30-60 minute gameplays
  • Resilentos - YouTube - I haven’t watched this one yet as it’s slightly above my level, and the Argentinian accent makes it more difficult to understand at times. Social commentary, mostly. He also has a podcast (can find it on his channel).

Only the first one has subtitles (that I’ve confirmed), but hopefully you find something you like :wink:


Thanks a lot!

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Diego also has his own podcast on Ivoox, Configuración Vórtice, no transcript there so you’d have to shove it through software to pull one out.

***Rioplatense spanish since they’re out of Uruguay, a LOT of slang words/phrases/jokes get thrown around, I consider this a major advantage since it’s very typical to run into this sort of thing in ‘daily driving’ conversations.

I also roll SudAmericanMate because my blood is 50% mate, lol… Andres is chileno currently in europe, his diction is so good you’d hardly need a transcript anyway.
Sudamerican Mate - YouTube Sudamerican Mate Podcast - YouTube

If you want to listen to something more formal that covers a wide variety of topics, you can also try En Perspectiva out of Montevideo.


I use news channels, especially the ones on YouTube since they often have multiple videos uploaded per day, offer a wide variety of topics, and speak so clearly that even the Auto-generated subtitles are good! They also use vocabulary that you might not hear as often in casual conversation but are definitely used for business.

From Mexico:

From United States:

Also, if subtitles aren’t available, don’t let that stop you! This website gets them from pretty much any video:

Good luck!


Que hilo interesante.
No tengo mucho añadir porque no soy tan avanzado y creo que la mayoría de los que escucho yo no son avanzados.
Pero me gusta mucho la Ter, la arquitectura, aún que es un poco difícil para entender para mí.
¿Quizás el canal de ella podría contarse como «avanzado»?
Su canal es Ter - YouTube