Any news sites recommendation for Cantonese, Traditional Chinese, Malay and Indonesian?

Hi everyone!
Do you know of any good news sites which I can add into news feed list for Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong news sites), Cantonese (Taiwanese news sites), Malay and Indonesian?
If you have any good recommendation, that would be great. Thanks!

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You can try to learn Indonesian language free. They have lots of great learning resources.


As for Taiwan news sites, you probably could go to Taipei Times: Taiwan News - Taipei Times. You could click on “Bilingual Pages” with English and traditional Chinese versions, both in written form. It is just that the site doesn’t offer news videos up to this point. Hope it helps. Good luck.

For Indonesian, the results from searching in Google “berita terkini” (latest news") has some popular sites. It’s rare to find matching audio, but if there is such a site it’d help me a lot.

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Cantonese news sites that use actual Cantonese don’t exist to my knowledge. I’ve looked.

For Indonesia…


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