Any news on Icelandic coming to lingQ?

If anyone knows of any people from Iceland pease contact them, and ask them if they would be willing to do the mini stories. I would love to learn Icelandic! :slight_smile:


The resources online seem to be so scarce. What a pity. :frowning:

I’ve been learning Icelandic for a while. Once I’ve figured out how to reliably use LingQ for unsupported languages (all sorts of weird things happen when I import Irish or Icelandic), I’ll put more of that time here. I’ve gone through the Teach Yourself Book, the Pimsleur Icelandic, and working through the Icelandic Online courses. It’s an epic language and one of the two I’ve wanted to learn since I was a little kid and first heard of the language while reading Jules Verne.

If others want to pool resources to get the mini-stories, or other content like Who Is She?, done in Icelandic (or Irish, Hindi, or Maltese-three others I’ve been at a while-ok Hindi not that long), I’ll be more than happy to be part of that.

I would be willing to pool resources in order to get Hindi done, if necessary. I did actually try to rope in a friend in Mumbai who agreed to have a go, though I’m not sure if she ever made any headway, and I do remember Zoran saying on this thread last week - that if all goes according to plan they will get it supported here in the coming two or three months, so it may be unnecessary for us to do anything … although, of course, useful if we can start looking for materials to add for once we run out of mini-stories :slight_smile:

By the way, for Hindi, have you checked out Beelinguapp? They are a somewhat LingQ-like site based on simultaneous reading and listening, although rather than auto-translating individual words and phrases, they have parallel translations for the whole story or article, some free content and some paid, and are pretty unusual in actually having Hindi in the first place. And presumably if you can download their material you can at least use it for your own private lessons here.